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Free E-Mail Is Back! I've just moved to a new ISP that supports this webmail service 100%. That means you will once again be able to get reliable, trouble-free email access 24 hours a day! Check your e-mail, catch up on the latest Saturn news, and interact with other Saturn enthusiasts -- all from the convenience of the SaturnFans web site!

What is Webmail? Webmail is an online only web-based e-mail account that is free, private, spam-free, and versatile. The best thing about Webmail is that you can read, write, and receive your mail account anywhere you have access to a web browser... whether you're at home, at work, at a friend's house, or on vacation, you'll have access to your e-mail.

The Perfect Solution! SaturnFans Webmail is the perfect solution for people who don't like giving out their home e-mail address when posting to discussion boards, or when signing up for web site services. It allows you to maintain your privacy, as well as piece of mind.

Some more information about the SaturnFans Webmail:

  • Its free, free, free!
  • Everybody needs a permanent web-based email address.
  • Its easy! Access your email anytime, from anywhere.
  • Check all of your POP email accounts at once.
  • Filer out unwanted and annoying SPAM messages.
  • Hotmail only gives you 2Mb of email storage space...
  • SaturnFans Webmail gives you 6Mb!
  • You are a Saturn fan, right?

Personal Note. I've been testing this service for a few months and it has worked flawlessly. I used to use Hotmail to check my three e-mail accounts, and now I use SaturnFans Webmail instead. Try it; I think you'll like it. Besides, what better way to show your friends and family that you're a proud Saturn owner?

Sign Up Now! Reserve yourname@mail.saturnfans.com today!

Questions? If you have any questions about how the service works, feel free to send an email to me at my webmail account: core@mail.saturnfans.com.


SaturnFans Webmail

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